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Terms and conditions of sale

1. Generally about violise.dk
1.1 The present terms and conditions of sale and delivery apply to every purchase made at violise.dk, which is a domain owned by:

Navn Violise Lunn
Adresse Gothersgade 54, 1th
Postnr. og by 1123 København K
Land Danmark
Telefonnr. +45 33 11 21 60

– henceforth mentioned as “violise.dk”.

2. Prices, payment and order confirmation
2.1 The price for the products are those listed on the webshop the day the order is placed, and includes VAT, charges, fees – among these transaction fees – and taxes, but excludes transport charges.

2.2 violise.dk makes reservations regarding printing errors in prices and product descriptions.

2.3 We accept the following payment methods: Visa/Dankort, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club, Klarna, ViaBill, Paypal and Forbrugsforeningens kontokort.

2.4 When payment has been carried out, the customer will shortly after receive written confirmation of the purchase per e-mail in which the present terms and conditions are an integrated part.

2.5 The amount will not be drawn from the customer’s credit card until the product has been dispatched from violise.dk’s place of business. In those cases where the customer will be paying via invoice, the product will not be dispatched before the full purchase price has been received.

3. Shipping
3.1 Shipping costs within Denmark, except Greenland and The Faroe Islands: 49,- DKK
Shipping costs to Greenland and The Faroe Islands: 200,- DKK
Shipping costs to Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg and Germany: 200,- DKK
Shipping costs to Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria: 200,- DKK
Shipping costs to United Kingdom, Finland, France, Italy and Slovakia: 350,- DKK
Shipping costs to Bulgaria, Estonia, Ireland, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Rumania, Slovenia, Spain and Hungary: 395,- DKK
For shipping outside of the European Union including Norway and Iceland please contact the violise.dk.

3.2 The delivery time is stated below the individual products on the webshop. Where nothing else is stated, the delivery time is approx. 3-5 business days.

3.3 All products are dispatched using a reputable transport firm and are delivered to the address stated when the order was placed, or to the package shop chosen by the customer.

3.4 The delivery of the product is considered complete when the product has arrived in the customer’s possession.

4. Security
4.1 The customer’s privacy is important to violise.dk. Therefore, our payment solution is based on the SSL-standard, which means that the information the customer provides in connection with their payment is protected by encryption. As an encryption mode for e-commerce, the SSL standard is commonly used and considered a very secure solution.

4.2 In order to complete a purchase with violise.dk, we need personal data for the purpose of violise.dk being able to deliver the product to the customer.

5. Right of cancellation and return
5.1 According to the consumer protection regulations (the Danish Consumer Protection Act), the customer has the right to cancel and return their purchase within 14 days of having received the product. The deadline of 14 days begins from the day the customer is in actual possession of the products, cf. article 3.4.

5.2 Should the customer wish to exercise their right of cancellation, the customer must make violise.dk explicitly aware that the customer wishes to cancel the purchase before the expiry of the deadline, cf. article 5.1.

5.3 The information must be sent to the contact information stated in article 10. The customer may also use the standard cancellation form that can also be found on violise.dk.

5.4 Under present regulations, should violise.dk receive the cancellation later than 14 days after the customer has come into possession of the products, the right of cancellation no longer applies.

5.5 The product must be sent no later than 14 days after the day that the customer has informed violise.dk about the customer’s wish to make use of the right of cancellation, and must be sent to the address stated in article 10. The product must be sent in original and intact packaging.

5.6 The expenses in connection with returning the products are paid by the customer – this also applies to cases where the customer does not collect the product in due time. The customer carries the risk should the products accidentally be lost or damaged during the return transport.

5.7 The customer cannot return the products cash on delivery or to a package shop. The returns must be sent to the address stated in article 10. The products must be labelled with the senders name and address, just as the products must be labelled “Return”, if the product is sent as a result of the right of cancellation, or “Exchange” in case the product should be exchanged.

5.8 The customer is liable for any deterioration of the product’s value if the use of the product is beyond what is necessary in order to determine the nature and properties of the products, and what is necessary in the course of trying out the products. According to the present regulation, the right of cancellation is maintained though in such a way that violise.dk is entitled to offset the deterioration from the amount that is refunded.

5.9 The purchase price will be reimbursed to the customer’s account no later than 14 days after the date when the customer informed us that the customer had changed their mind about their purchase. However, violise.dk reserves the right to withhold the purchase price for the products until the products have been returned, or until the customer has submitted proper evidence that the products have been returned.

5.10 violise.dk is however entitled to offset the expenses mentioned in article 5.6 and article 5.8 from the products purchase price.

6. Warranty
6.1 The customer has a 2-year warranty against flaws and defects.

6.2 Should the customer want to claim a defect, the customer must inform violise.dk in writing within reasonable time of discovering the defect.

6.3 Notwithstanding the defect remedies under the existing Sale of Goods Act (the Danish Sale of Goods Act), violise.dk reserves the right to remedy, including the right to carry out replacement deliveries.

6.4 According to present regulations, reasonable transport expenses are paid by violise.dk. The products must be labelled with the senders name and address, just as the products must be labelled “Complaint”.

6.5 Information about the complaint must be sent to the contact information stated in article 10.

7. Disclaimer
7.1 At violise.dk, we make reservations regarding changes in fees and prices, sold out or discontinued products, proofreading errors, technical errors and force majeure, such as labour disputes with subcontractors, faulty deliveries and products, or subcontractors who are unable to deliver or in cases of late deliveries.

8. Promotional codes for businesses
8.1 Promotional codes are available on request for businesses regarding resale and company presents.

8.2 Promotional codes can only be redeemed in connection with a purchase and only within the specific time span stated. Particular brands may be exempt from discounts. Promotional codes cannot be used to purchase gift vouchers. Please be aware that a minimum purchase may be required when promotional codes are redeemed.

8.3 The value of the order must exceed the minimum purchase value stated on the promotional code. The value of the promotional code cannot be paid out in cash, just as there will not be paid interest on the value.

8.4 Promotional codes cannot be refunded in case any or all of the ordered products are returned.

8.5 Promotional codes can only be redeemed prior to the completion of the order process. Promotional codes are personal and may not be transferred or sold to others.

9. Redemption of gift vouchers
9.1 The gift voucher can only be used in connection with a purchase on the online shop www.violise.dk. Gift vouchers are valid for three years. violise.dk does not replace lost gift vouchers, and these cannot be exchanged for cash.

9.2 Gift vouchers and any credit notes can only be redeemed prior to the completion of your order. The value of gift vouchers cannot be paid out in cash, just as the gift voucher will not accrue interest. If an order that has been paid for with a credit note or gift voucher is cancelled, the balance in the customer’s favour will be forwarded as a credit voucher to their e-mail as soon as possible and no later than within 3 business days.

10. Contact information

Navn Violise Lunn
Adresse Gothersgade 54, 1th
Postnr. og by 1123 København K
Land Danmark
Telefonnr. +45 33 11 21 60

11. Complaints
11.1 Any complaints can be sent to violise.dk. We will investigate the complaint and respond as soon as possible. If no amicable solution is found, a complaint can be filed with the agency mentioned below.

11.2 Complaints concerning a product purchased through violise.dk can be forwarded to
Danish Competition and Consumer Authority
Carl Jacobsens Vej 35
2500 Valby

12. Choice of law and venue
12.1 Any disputes under present terms and conditions shall be decided according to Danish law at the court in Frederiksberg.