1995 Danish School of Design, Industrial Design, Clothing

Exhibitions and projects (committee):
2020 Design by Paper, group exhibition. Museum of Paper Art, Blokhus (DK)
2020 Cardboard and Paper festival, group exhibition. Spinderihallerne, Vejle, (DK)
2018 Glass, Fashion & Fantasy, group exhibition. Hempel Glass Museum, Nykøbing Sjælland
2017 Ultimate Impact, group exhibition. Round tower, Copenhagen
2017 Stuepigen List. Costumes for operetta. Pauseoperaen (DK)
2016 Petit. Group exhibition, Maison du Danemark, Paris (FR)
2015 Petit. Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling. Group exhibition. Øregårdsmuseet, Hellerup
2015 Light object. Group exhibition. Gallery Superobject, Copenhagen (DK)
2014 Christmas exhibition. Group position Øregårds Museet, Hellerup
2013 At least one minute. Group exhibition. Nivågård Painting Collection (DK)
2012 The First Cut. Group exhibition. Manchester Art Gallery (UK)
2011 Sofia International paper art Biennale. Group exhibition. Sofia (B)
2010 Light over Lolland. Group exhibition .Højbygaard paper factory, Lolland (DK)
2009 Souliers. Group exhibition, Maison du Danemark, Paris (FR)
2008 Shoes. Group exhibition. Trapholt museum, Kolding (DK)
2007 Christmas table, Royal Copenhagen, Copenhagen.
2007 Biennial of Crafts and Design. Group exhibition. Trapholt and Koldinghus (DK)
2006 Mon beau sapin. Group exhibition. House of Denmark, Paris (FR)
2006 Violation. product design. porcelain collection. Royal Copenhagen (DK)
2005 Art money & Violise Lunn.Solo exhibition. Sallingsund Museum (DK)
2004 Paper. Group exhibition. Patricia Faure Gallery, Los Angeles (US)
2003 Integration of the environment in design and fashion. Clothing project. Copenhagen
2003 Papyrus Papirrus. Group exhibition. Round tower, Copenhagen
2001 New Year’s exhibition. Group exhibition. Tactus Gallery (DK)
2001 Inhorgenta. Jewelry fair. Munich (DE)
2000 Violise and the Euro. Solo exhibition. La Banque Centrale du Luxembourg (L)
1999 Shawl 99. Group exhibition. Round Tower, Copenhagen and Brandt’s clothing factory, Odense (DK)
1999 Paper. Group position. Marienlyst Castle, Elsinore (DK)
1999 Christmas table, Royal Copenhagen, Copenhagen
1997 Violise Lunn. Establish your own workshop in Gothersgade, Copenhagen
1996 Bamser. Group exhibition. Marienlyst Castle, Elsinore (DK)
1995 Art-Genda. Baltic Kunstbienale Kulturby – Øksnehallen, Copenhagen
1995 Graduation show. Denmark’s Design School fashion show and exhibition. Øksnehallen, Copenhagen
1994 Saga International Design Center, Course stay (DK)

Scholarships and foundations (committees):
2011 Travel Scholarship. F.L Foghs legate
2005 Statens kunstfond, work grant
2003 Statens Kunstfond, work grant
2001 Statens Kunstfond, two-year start-up scholarship
2000 Denmark’s National Jubilee Fund

2018 Kold Christensen Foundation’s Honorary Award
2002 Carlsbergs Fingerbøl. Carlsbergs Design Prize
2000 The Gold Button. Everything for the Ladies’ Design Award
1999 The Golden Fur Pin. The Danish Fur Industry Award
1996 Igedo Fashion Future Award. Invited competition, Düsseldorf (DE)
1994 India Fashion Show, Magazine of the North, 1st prize

2004 The Weisman Foundation (US) – buyer.